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Creator, Producer & Director
Buzz and Bite 

Buzz and Bite is a series of 30 animated spots designed to prevent malaria infection by mosquitoes. Currently on air, the campaign was launched in Ottawa and in New York (at the United Nations) in advance of the first World Malaria Day, April 25, 2008. The spots feature two funny, animated female anopheles mosquitoes, Buzz and Bite. The series is currently in use in over 50 countries, or half the countries with malaria.

The campaign consists of humorous spots to educate viewers on the causes and prevention of malaria, particularly by stressing the use of bed nets. The series has been adapted under Kharas’ direction into 23 languages, from Amheric to Tagalog, for a total of 690 spots. In addition, the series was directed by Kharas into 15 local languages for Madagascar, becoming the only media to be ever versioned into all the languages of this country.

Kharas distributes the campaign free of charge to television broadcasters, radio stations, health clinics, hospitals, doctors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, schools, libraries, community groups and other users across the world. Over 3,000 tapes and DVDs have been distributed worldwide.

Watch the videos in multiple languages here.