Media for Social Change Exists in 500 Language Versions

Chocolate Moose Media’s (CMM) media, with the mission of producing positive social change educational videos, now exists in 500 language versions. This marks a significant milestone for the organization, which has been dedicated to improving the world’s human condition for the past 28 years.

The Ideal Human

With the passing of Desmond Tutu, the world has lost its greatest moral leader.     If there was one authentically ideal human being, a person whom […]

The World Is Going In The Right Direction

Based on my 45 years of work in international affairs working on seemingly intractable problems, having travelled to 146 countries, I believe the world is going […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Is A Virus, Not A Guillotine

I base my opinions on having understood and created mass communications on many health-related issues and communicable diseases over the last twenty-five years. The communications have […]

Let The Light Shine – But Not On Everyone

Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are about to spread ourselves over 14 or 15 hours of daylight on June 21, officially know as the […]

CMM Adds Best Media Production Award To Portfolio

For the fifth time in two years, Chocolate Moose Media (CMM) and founder Firdaus Kharas have been honored for their body of humanitarian work. CV Magazine’s […]

“In Praise” Video Adds Prevention To DRC Ebola Fight

The government in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will televise one of Chocolate Moose Media’s (CMM) animated Ebola-prevention videos as on-the-ground emergency health groups […]

The Strain Of Success

To Western humanitarians the pace of progressive change in sub-Saharan Africa is glacial. They are tied to the scientific notion that without immediate analyzable results, project […]