Maybe 2016 Wasn’t So Bad After All

  Finally, English-language media seems to have given up the “2016: The Worst Year Ever” storyline. Much of today’s news is about U.S. President Donald Trump’s […]


  Modern media may have made communications ubiquitous but the process is nowhere yet near seamless. Imagine a Sierra Leone villager who speaks only Krio trying […]

Zika: Precautionary Steps; Medidas de Precaução; Medidas de Precaución

    English On September 26, 2016, the Philippines became the 59th country to detect the Zika virus in local pregnant women. Officials at the Center […]

Targeting Zika and Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Zika is just the most recent talked-about disease that is spread by mosquitos. There are dozens of viruses that are borne by the mosquito family (Culicidae) […]

After Ebola: Stopping Zika With Grassroots Information

Ebola is easy to demonize. It has visuals of bleeding eyes and mouths and a history of slow, grisly death. Zika doesn’t instill the same fear […]