• “Firdaus Kharas used talking condoms to shift global attitudes about HIV/AIDS and saved millions of lives in the process.”

    Reader’s Digest (Canada)
  • “His campaigns for children’s rights, ending domestic violence and malaria prevention have been astounding in their effect. Commentators have credited him and his innovative campaigns, without exaggeration, with saving the lives of millions of people.”

    Dr. Dane Rowlands, director, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, introduction for honorary Doctor of Laws
  • “(Thiel) recognizes your compassionate work and thanks (you) for your efforts to influence the future through media.”

    Citation for honorary Doctor of Humanities, Thiel College, Pennsylvania
  • “He has positively influenced millions of lives.”

    Named one of the world’s 50 Most Talented Social Innovators by the World CSR Congress
  •  “We need efforts like yours… a powerful communicating tool to encourage people to change their behaviour… an outstanding contribution…”

    Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu – open letter
  • “We consider Firdaus Kharas to be the modern equivalent of Dr. Seuss.”

    Director of the Malaria Museum, Ireland
  • “I congratulate all those who have been involved in creating the Buzz and Bite PSAs. It is not easy to create a global campaign across cultural boundaries. They have made a superb contribution to the campaign against malaria infection in providing material free of charge that can be easily understood by most people irrespective of language or culture.”

    Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu – open letter
  • “…I know you will join me… to recognize an amazing Canadian who makes us all proud of the great difference he is making in the lives of people all over the world.”

    Senator Mobina Jaffer, PC, in the Senate of Canada
  • “Thank you for your commitment.  History will not forget.”

    Dr. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburi, Minister of Communications, South Africa, in a nationally televised speech
  • “Firdaus’ animation projects are world famous; no one else is using animation for (behaviour change)…Kharas is [a] rock star.”

    Dr. Tom O’Callaghan, Director, IHEED, Ireland
  • “Renowned humanitarian, Firdaus Kharas, produces animations that can save lives.”

    Darpan Magazine
  • “The United Nations is very grateful for the work and commitment of Mr. Firdaus Kharas in raising awareness about issues of concern… Mr. Kharas’ vision to “change the world through animation” fits right in… we look forward to seeing more of his important work.”

    Director, Department of Public Information, United Nations
  • “…discover a man determined to make the world a better place …unique approach using humour in animated TV spots created to help eradicate HIV/AIDS and malaria…. Here [is] a driven, passionate man worth discovering.”

    Randy Kelly, Director of the Documentary: Firdaus Kharas: The Animated Activist
  • “Empathy, ambition, compassion, intelligence and determination are all traits the world renowned social innovator and humanitarian, Firdaus Kharas, possesses.”

    The Canadian Health Adaptations, Innovations, and Mobilization Centre (CHAIM)
  • “Subjects like AIDS and domestic violence are no laughing matter, but Firdaus Kharas has found a way to use humor to get people to think differently about such serious issues.”

    United Methodists Communications
  • “In recognition of his innovative contributions to the advancement of public health and children’s rights in a global context.”

    Carleton University, Honorary Doctor of Laws (LL.D) citation
  • “His highly-acclaimed AIDS awareness campaign, The Three Amigos, revolutionized the field of health communication and established a new model for the creation of animated PSAs.”

  •  “Firdaus Kharas, the celebrated humanitarian…”

  • “Firdaus Kharas, the renowned social innovator whose animation films are a marvel of health teaching…”

    The book Recovery: Peace Prospects in the Biden Era
  • “Firdaus Kharas… has been at the forefront of using his creativity, creating animations for social change for the last 25 years.  Firdaus is a pioneer in the world of social enterprise.  …He has addressed deeply sensitive social justice issues, using animation as a tool to enable global commonality and to cut through the filters of personal perception to enable us to remain receptive to messages of influence we may not otherwise have considered.”

    DNA of Purpose
  • “A fascinating guy with a truly amazing story”

    What’s Your Thing Podcast
  • “…master global communicator and creator Firdaus Kharas.”

    Highflow Lifestyle
  • “…Globally renowned producer Firdaus Kharas.

  • “Extraordinary social innovator Firdaus Kharas, master of social change via animations that compel viewers to accept his messages and come to their own conclusion to change for the better….You are a poster child for one human being making a difference for the world.”

    Saying It Skillfully
  • “…a forerunner in behaviour change communications on a wide variety of subjects, like disease prevention and human rights.”

    TMT News citation for Best Global Informative Short Film Producer
  • “…one of the world’s top animation producers”

  • “Firdaus Kharas creates animated films with a strong social impact.”

    The Globe and Mail
  • “…unique and inspiring individual…”

    University of Nipissing Agents of Peace Initiative
  • “He is an expert on creativity and how learning to tap into our creativity, will return us back to the true essence of who we are.”

    Dr. Vic Manzo Jr., on The Mindful Experiment
  • “By combining accessible humour and hard-hitting messaging, his productions will no doubt continue to shine a warm light on some of the most pressing issues facing societies.”

    The Guardian
  • “Firdaus Kharas is a world-renowned director and producer of animation, documentaries, television series and films.

    Sorbet Brut(e) International
  • “From advocating for refugees in Canada to making animated films on health in Africa, this Global Calcuttan’s humanitarian work has impacted countless lives.”

    Global Calcuttan
  • “…the internationally renowned Firdaus Kharas.”

    Screen Africa
  • “Kharas introduced the term “Culture Shift” to the humanitarian lexicon in an effort to teach children and young adults about the human condition with a global emphasis.”

    Huffington Post
  • “Creating media on the frontline of change”

    Citation for the Best Global Informative Short Film Producer
  • “Firdaus Kharas, an outstanding television and animation producer…”.

    The book Creative Dissent
  • “Firdaus Kharas… is an expert in behaviour-change communications who has produced global campaigns for reaching out to crisis-affected populations”

    Global Geneva
  • “Known for his long track record and remarkable experience in educational animation content production.”

    Oman Tribune
  • “…a worldwide expert on behavior change communications.”

    Mipcom News, Cannes, France
  • “I have to admit I was pretty skeptical that issues such as rape and verbal abuse could be turned into 30-second humor clips, but I think what Mr. Kharas has done is remarkable: he has found tasteful and informative ways to make people laugh and teach them something at the same time.”

    Resilient Ambassadors of Change
  • Firdaus Kharas has completed several media campaigns to bring to the world’s attention some tough global issues.”

    Inter Press Service (IPS) global wire story
  • “…Kharas’ work justly fills the void where before… there was a lack of effective strategy.”

  • “Breaking new ground in form and content…”

    Animation Insider
  • “Firdaus is a pioneer in the world of social enterprise…. he has addressed deeply sensitive social justice issues, using animation as a tool to enable global commonality and to cut through the filters of personal perception to enable us to remain receptive to messages of influence we may not otherwise have considered.”

    Decoding Purpose
  • “A very powerful tool in communicating to people…”

    United Nations Under-Secretary-General
  • “…one of the world’s top animation producers.”

    Centre for HIV/AIDS Networking
  • “Internationally respected social entrepreneur, humanitarian and creativity thought leader, Firdaus Kharas. Firdaus is founder and chairman of the multi-award-winning Chocolate Moose Media, which has built an enviable worldwide reputation for producing some of the most innovative and creative global social information advertising campaigns of the last 25 years.”

    The New P&L: Principles and Leadership in Business
  • “Using animation and humor to get important public health messages on the air.”

    The Atlantic
  • Kharas and his team are connecting important messages with mass audiences.”

    New Empire Builders
  • “Groundbreaking”

    Africa Film & TV
  • “…remarkably cross-cultural…”

    The Globe and Mail
  • “The most amazing thing of all? That all these videos in all these languages can actually reach about five-six-billion people in their native languages…”. 

    Unfolding Arts
  • “…a case where translation has been effectively deployed for the purposes of global social activism, and where this globalized aspect plays a more positive role than usual.”

    Luise von Flatow in The (Globalized) Three Amigos: Translating and Disseminating HIV/AIDS Prevention Discourse
  • “Eminent producer…”.

    The Times of India
  • “A truly fascinating character…”.

    Momentum Life Project
  • “A celebration of culture and an innovative exploration of the animated medium.”

    Animation Insider
  • “His approach to urgent, sometimes deadly crises is deceptively simple: he creates animated public service announcements and videos that resonate with people across cultures.”

    Faculty of Public Affairs, Carleton University
  • Using animation, Firdaus tackled subjects often shrouded in taboo and misinformation, particularly HIV, malaria, and domestic and sexual abuse.”

    The Guardian International Development Award
  • “…fantastic work done by producer Firdaus Kharas… to save lives around the world”

    Focus (Canada)
  • “… individuals can make a difference.  He is living testament to it”

    Positive Outlook, AIDS Community Care Montreal