By Amanda Aspey

Chocolate Moose Media’s (CMM) media, with the mission of producing positive social change educational videos, now exists in 500 language versions. This marks a significant milestone for the organization, which has been dedicated to improving the world’s human condition for the past 28 years.

The 500 language versions are found across an astounding 4,391 videos, mostly animated, and covering a broad spectrum of social and health issues. CMM’s videos are unique in that they are individually voiced by local voice talents and are not subtitled. This approach is particularly helpful in countries with low literacy rates, where the videos can be used to educate and inform populations who may not have access to traditional written resources.

The most recent addition to CMM’s collection was an animated video created in Pidgin English for Cameroon, and it was created to reduce mortality among women during pregnancy.  Notably, CMM’s series with the most language versions is the Peabody Award-winning The Three Amigos, which is an HIV/AIDS Prevention Program created in 45 languages.

It’s important to note that the 500 versions of the videos are not simply recorded in distinct languages. Rather, they are a fusion of various languages, accents, and dialects, strategically designed to reach a diverse and extensive audience. By providing extended language accessibility, CMM is arguably one of the best social change platforms on the market today.

In many cases, CMM’s videos are the sole media resource addressing critical social issues and providing health education in any given language. For instance, their video on Ebola prevention in West and Central Africa is available in an impressive 19 languages. Similarly, their video on malaria prevention is accessible in all 16 languages of Madagascar. CMM took special care to create videos even in languages that are seldom used.

What makes Chocolate Moose Media’s work so impactful is their ability to create media that is both local and accessible for all, creating an inclusive education environment. By producing content in the language of the community, they can reach over 80% of the world’s population, making their resources widely available to people all around the globe.

As such, it’s no surprise that CMM’s work has been utilized in an astounding 198 countries and regions worldwide. Their portfolio covers an impressive range of subjects, including but not limited to, public health education topics such as a dozen communicable diseases, maternal and infant health, and vaccinations. They also address essential subjects like racism, refugees, immigration, solar power, environmentalism, human rights, sexual and domestic violence, and violence against children, among more than 60 other topics.

Almost all of CMM’s productions are available on founder Firdaus Kharas’ Vimeo channel for free. These videos can be enjoyed without any charge or any use restriction.

“When I set out on this path, I never thought about my work in terms of milestones; there are just too many issues in the world. It’s always been one step at a time, but the cumulative steps have now reached far and wide on many topics of importance to bettering the human condition,” reflected Kharas. “As we set out on our next 500 languages, we will continue creating some of the conversations that lead to change in every corner of the world.  We will not leave anyone behind, no matter where they are located or how obscure their language.”

This exceptional approach to video production ensures that communities around the world have access to valuable information and resources, regardless of language barriers or literacy levels. It’s just one of the many ways that CMM is making a difference and contributing to positive social change.

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